Thursday, November 14, 2013

exchange specialty coffee.

Okay, I think this is the last one.  The last place I haven't tried in Ebenezer Place, that is.  With a similar vibe to East End Providore, Exchange is quickly emerging as one of Adelaide's best coffee places.  I know I'm not the best judge of coffee, but the day I went a group of five guys (yes, guys) came in just for their coffee and a chat.  Mmmhm. 

I'll be straight - if you don't like bread, then you probably shouldn't come here.  They do have some non-breaded options such as Belgian waffles (which looked so good) or a grilled haloumi salad but they are rare.  Drinks-wise, they have the standard coffee choices and some interesting-sounding teas.  

The Elliot: toasted brioche, goat's curd, strawberry, honey comb, honey & balsamic vinegar ($12.00)
This was weird.  But good weird.  So many different things going on but they all somehow manage to come together.  The toasted brioche was a great choice for the base since the thick, soft bread offset the hardness from the strawberries and honeycomb.  The tart sourness from the vinegar and goat's curd leveled out the sweet honey and honeycomb, although it was hard eating the latter because some chunks were huge.  Not complaining though, honeycomb is yum.

The Gloria: avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes, dukkah, basil on sourdough ($8.50)
Didn't get a chance to taste this one but it looked really good.  There were a lot of cherry tomatoes and avocado pieces on the bread, and it was drizzled over with balsamic vinegar.  The piece of bread probably should have been bigger though.  Or perhaps give another slice?

Latte ($4.40), Shaken Iced Latte ($5.00)
Can't come to a coffee place and not try their coffee, right?  I had the shaken iced latte, which is an espresso shot, milk, sugar syrup and ice all shaken in a cocktail shaker.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it.  I was pretty hesitant in ordering it since I am just not a coffee person, but this was delicious - smooth, refreshing and not bitter!

Considering how busy the little place can get, the food came out in fairly good time and the coffee guy was amazing - he just kept churning out coffee after coffee and they all looked soo pretty!  Probably on the more expensive side for a lunch with serving sizes a bit small, but good if you prefer a light lunch with quality ingredients and a Melbournesque atmosphere.

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  1. You mentioned they have the standard coffee fare. Its worth noting they also do Aeropress. Cafes that do filter coffee (pour over, batch brew, aeropress, siphon etc) tend to be the better places to grab coffee from.

  2. Ah yes! I did see they had a lot of different methods of making coffee but had no idea what they were, so I didn't mention it in case I got it wrong. But thanks for pointing that out!