Sunday, May 25, 2014

five little figs.

Adelaidean mums, welcome to kid-friendly cafe heaven. For the rest of us, Five Little Figs is definitely worth the hunt for a delicious, nutritious, organic-alicious meal.  It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the cafe is completely hidden inside suburban Payneham, but luckily it's bright lime signage is eye-catching.

As soon as you go inside, you know this cafe was made for mums and bubs - there are children's merchandise everywhere and a specially catered-for-kids menu.  It has a really homey but sophisticated feel to it with a combination of wooden and wicker furniture. They serve a small breakfast menu until 12:00 and a much more fleshed out lunch menu until 2:30.

Mushroom Bruschetta
This was an explosion of colours, flavours and textures. Grilled mushrooms, goats cheese and fresh spincah were topped with herbs, with generous lashings of sweet balsamic vinegar bringing it all together on soft bread. It was a slightly weird combination for me but I enjoyed every mouthful, particularly loving the contrast between the sweet vinegar and slightly pungent cheese. Add in the fact that it's a pretty healthy dish and you have a winner.

Pumpkin, Carrot & Coconut Soup
This was fantastic soup. I don't generally order soup for lunch (it's not really lunch material....) but one taste of this and I could be convinced to change my mind.  Thick and chunky with the pumpkin and coconut flavours really coming out, it was a huge bowl of orange goodness.

French Toast
As soon as this came out, I immediately wished that this was my order.  Three pieces of eggy brioche toast covered in raspberries and lemon sauce and dusted with icing was beautiful just to look at.  Flavours were also delectable, although I feel like it could have used an extra crunch element somewhere.  The lemon sauce and raspberries were tart and sweet, but the addition of liquid cream made it smoother to go down.

I was pretty impressed by this little cafe.  The atmosphere is genuinely warm and inviting, with the friendly owners and staff taking the time to go through the menu and any dessert item inquiries. Too bad it only opens from Monday to Friday, but if you have a free afternoon and you're in the area, definitely go in an have a try!

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